Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sugar Skull Photoshoot Pictures (Picture Heavy!)

Hey everyone! I am SOOOOO excited to share these photos with you! You might remember during halloween that I mentioned I was doing a photoshoot for my dia de los muertos sugar skull look. Well, I got the photos in today from the photographer and I can't even believe that these are of ME!

It was really different being in front of the camera! I spend my day's behind the camera doing makeup on other people, so this was really fun!

Thank you so much to Amanda of R.I.Studios Photography for shooting some AMAZING pics! I am just speechless!!

Oh, and Thank You to my girly Monica for driving me across town while I was in my full makeup...we didn't want to have anyone get in a wreck seeing me driving down the street a week before Halloween looking like that! lol

I hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas 2011 : Frankie Stein of Monster High Kids Costume

Hey Everyone! This costume wraps up my Halloween tutorials for 2011! I decided to do a tutorial with my daughter since she is going to be Frankie Stein for Halloween. This is one of the characters from Monster High. Below you will find our tutorial, pictures, and a list of the products that we used...Have an AMAZING Halloween! Thank you so much for tuning in to all of my tutorials!!



- NYX Ultra pearl mania in Jade Green
- White face powder (I used the white out of the Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette)
- ELF eyeshadow primer
- Purple eyeshadows (The ones I used were from the ELF quads in Punk Funk, Drama {the black}, and Silver Lining)
- Black eyeliner (one that is very smooth, I used Essence gloss black)
- Masacara (non waterproof! I used L'Oreal clean definition telescopic in black)
- ELF quad day 2 night or any dark brown for eyebrows
- NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in black bean (or liner for stitch)
- Red Lipstick (Retro Red from NYC)
- Clear gloss of choice

- Glitter Glue or Glitter Liner
- Purple Cosmetic Glitter

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas 2011 : Peacock number two!

I promised another peacock look and here it is! This one is still dramatic, but not as much as the previous one! :) I hope you all enjoy it....oh, and I totally forgot to take pictures, because...well, I suck! lol But there is one on the video!


- ELF eyelid primer
- Mixing medium (mac Fix+ or ELF setting spray)
- Shadow in Peacock from Spectrum Cosmetics
- NYX ultra pearl mania in Jade Pearl
- ELF waterproof eyeliner pen in black
- NYX jumbo e/s pencil in milk
- any mascara of choice
- thick concealer or glue to cover eyebrow
- Raven e/s from Spectrum Cosmetics
- NYX ulra pearl mania in Penny
- NYX ulra pearl mania in Yellow
- Gold glitter pen
- NYX lipstick in Honey
- Clear gloss of choice
- contour powder for cheecks and nose
- NYC bronzer in Sunny

to see my spectrum cosmetics review, click here:
to see my peacock look from spectrum:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas 2011 : Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead) Sugar Skull

Hey everyone! WOW, I am so freaking excited about sharing this tutorial with you all! So this is my actual costume I am wearing this year, a Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, Sugar Skull. I had an amazing time doing the tutorial, but I also had the BEST TIME doing a Photoshoot for the look with an AMAZING photographer! As the photos trickle in, I promise to post them!! But I couldn't wait to show it to you all!! So if you would like to see how this super awesome look is accomplished, then watch the tutorial below, and for a list of the products I used, look just below the tutorial! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :)


- NYC jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk or any white face paint
- white powder or eyeshadow (I used mine our of my coastal scents contour and blush palette)
- NYX jumbo e/s pencil in black bean
- black eyeshadow of choice (I used the one out of my origianl 88 palette)
- white eyeshadow of choice (I used the white in the ELF quad in Drama)
- NYX ultra pearl mania shadow in Torquise Pearl
- Mixing medium such as MAC Fix+ or ELF Studio setting spray (or you can just use water)
- Black pencil eyeliner (use one that is very smoooth...I am using one from Essence)
- Lengthening Mascara (Maybelline XXL)
- Red eyeshadow (mine is out of the same 88 palette)
- Red eyeshadow base or Red lipstick (I used one from NYC)
- Glitter pen's in red and blue (you can also use sequins or rhinestones)
- Temporary Tattoo's (the ones I used are available at Walmart in the Halloween section for $1.98)

For my hair, I slicked back the sides and did a very large poof in the front. Then I stuck several flowers on to one side.

Well, I wore a designer gown for my photoshoot! lol But for Halloween, make sure to wear black, lots of lace, and possibly a veil if your going as a widow.


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