Thursday, January 7, 2010

Outfit of the Day: January 7th

from my buddy Kimberly at's inspiration's theme...color combo: yellow and tan!

just hanging out at work! :)

here is what I wore:
yellow cardi: Old Navy, $9.99
Brown Top: Old Navy, $5.00
Pants: thrift town, $3.99
shoes: Old Navy, $2.99
necklace: Kohl's, I think this was around $3 or $4...really cheap!
Bag: Old Navy, $??? had it FOREVER!!!
(I think I'm seeing a trend here int he Old Navy thing! lol)

and here is the makeup of the day:

They eyeshadow is Cafe Latte I believe from Covergirl with Olive eyeliner from Prestige Cosmetics! :)


Sarah said...

Ohh I love the yellow and tan look so gorgeous!!! The yellow is so funky and bright!! And lurveee your makeup too!!! You have got the most gorgeous blue eyes EVER :)

Latinminx79 said...

Great look, love the yellow cardi!!!!

Moomby said...

your eyes look great! and your outfit is so awesome, i can't believe how inexpensive. old navy does a wonderful job offering great and affordable stuff.

Anonymous said...

i love how you mix up colors in your wardrobe. very cool necklace! great find:)

ASH said...

I love the outfit! You've got a beautiful eyes :D


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