Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: Sally Hansen Spray on Shower off hair removal system

Let's just start this with....I H-A-T-E Razors! I despise them in fact....loath them even. We just don't have a healthy relationship with each other! I always get terrible razor burn, no matter which razor or shaving cream/gel I use. I get those terrible little bumps everywhere, ingrown hairs, you name it!
So I am always on the lookout for an alternative for removing the hair on my legs. And with the summer being so blistering hot here, Capri's, Shorts, and Dresses are smooth legs are also essential!

When I was at the store, I saw this depilatory cream from Sally Hansen called Spray on Shower off. I thought the concept sounded nice, not so much the $7.00 price tag, but I picked it up anyway.

The way you use it is by shaking it up and spraying it onto your legs....DON'T RUB IT IN!! I love this step!
It comes out like a spray paint for your legs.........very interesting.

Then you leave it on for 3 minutes (no longer than 10 minutes for stubborn hair) and then shower it off.

Believe it or not....IT ACTUALLY WORKS! I am IN LOVE with this stuff! I left it on for 5 minutes while I was getting the water hot and brushing out my hair, and my legs were silky razor burn, no bumps, just smooth legs!

So pick up a can at your next trip to the store. The formula comes in regular, sensitive, and extra strength for stubborn hair (the one I got).

5 Stars!! :)


Britt said...

Are you serious, that stuff really works?? Hmm, I just might have to try it!

Anonymous said...

I tried this based on your recommendation and I love it. Thanks so much!

Marie Lemondrop said...

I have the same hate relationship with those cruel razors, so I really appreciate the tip. I have always wondered about using something like that, but thought it might be irritating (almost as much as having to shave). Thanks!


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