Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh no.....what did I do?!

Have you ever done something that you REALLY wanted to do, and then when you do it your freaking out because your mad at yourself that you let yourself do it? (Did I just loose you?!)

Well this was me this week. I have wanted to cut my hair again for a long time! The last time I got it cut, I went real short and blonde and sassy! I was thinking I would be able to capture that again.....ummmm....yeah............NOT the case! I am SOOOOO mad that I cut off my hair when it finally got to a length that I can style! I love the bangs, just not the length. So now I have to wait another 4+ months for it to grow back!

What do you the hair a hit or miss?

Outfit for today:
(oh, and don't you love a child that thinks "putting up your games" is stacking them on the floor next to the couch?!)
Orange Tank: Old Navy $3.00
Orange Shirt: Old Navy $3.00
Jeans: Old Navy $6.99
Shoes: Old Navy $4.00
Long Pearl Necklace: My Mom's collection
Short Pear Necklace: Gifted
Hair: TRAGIC!!!


HeathahLee said...

Your hair is cute, Nikki! No matter what length it is! I LOVE those jeans! Were all those recent purchases?

Blissful Nikki said...

Hey Girl! Acutally, no they aren't new, I have had them for a while, just didnt FIT in them until now! LOL Infact, they are a size too big now!!! :) I cant wait to find some more on clearance in the right size!! :) hehehe

BKicklighter said...

I think your hair is nice. Makes you look young and way thin!!

Cassie said...

i thought "cute" when i saw the pic so i wouldn't worry too much about it! trust me, it could be worse!! LOL!!

And style it down and see if that changes your mind. I always seem to love hair up on other people but rarely on myself!


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