Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Casual Churching

I was so tired this weekend, I just wanted to be comfortable! I also thought it would be fun to do my photo outside! :) Maybe I will do this more often....what do you guys think?

Also, I am loving these thinner jeans, but no matter how much I wash them...they are still a size too big! So I might have to hit the Old Navy clearance rack soon so I can see if I can get another pair!

Green Hoodie: Kohl's $6.00
Blue Top: Ross $6.99
Jeans: Old Navy $6.99
Copper shoes: Old Navy $2.99
My necklaces and Bracelets are all from Dot's
the blue one was $4.00
the gold one was $2.00
the bracelet was $1.00

Lagan also wanted to join me on the blog today! :)
She was totally showin off her fashion!

For all you is the breakdown of her outfit!

(I don't remember prices for her clothes, but I know where I bought them!)
Jeans: Old Navy
White shirt under (it has a big chandelier on it!): Old Navy
Jacket (it's knit!! So awesome!): JC Penny
Shoes: Walmart


HeathahLee said...

OH MY GOSH! Lagan is so adorable! She is totally rockin' those shoes! You look cute, too, by the way! HOW do you find all these sales?????

Blissful Nikki said...

hehe thanks! :)

I acutally find sales little by little. I can go 6 months without finding anything, then all of the sudden, I see 2 or 3 things that I want!
I will make a post this week about bargain shopping!! :)

ko said...

tooo cute! :)


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