Saturday, July 30, 2011

You Nailed It! Fun Summer Nails

Whether your tanning on the beach or relaxing in the shade, the summer calls for some fun summer nails! I am showing you several different looks that you can do all together or just choice one! Swich up the colors, let your imagination be your guide!

Check out the Tutorial:

Items I used:
- A Green Nail Polish (Luxury Lime Creme from NYC)
- A Blue Nail Polish (Cashmere Creme from NYC)
- A Purple Nail Polish (Sally Hansen HD in Purple)
- A White Nail Polish (French White from Wet n' Wild)
- A Pink Nail Polish (French Pink from Wet n' Wild)
- A Black Striper (L.A. Colors in black)
- A Green Srtiper (L.A. Colors in green)
- A Green Glitter Striper (L.A. Colors in green glitter)
- a bobby pin or small dotting tool
- tooth pick
Pictures of the look:

1 comment:

Lavender said...

Hello, I have been reading your blog for a while now but never left a comment. I love watching your tutorials although in the UK i have never seen or heard of ELF make up. I was however delighted the other day when I found a website that sells ELF, I put an order in straight away and cant wait for it to be delivered.
I cant wait for your next post.

Sarah in England x


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