Thursday, October 21, 2010

My new Holy Grail moisturizer

Hey Everyone,

so I have been in search of a new moisturizer for quite a while. After just not being happy with anything, I came across SkinMD natural. I am in love with this new moisturizer, and because I love it so much and want you all to try it, I have a disount code for you!

just enter BCR for 20% off. It is case sensitive and should be entered during checkout at

And make sure to check out my reivew for the pros and cons:

Another pro I forgot to mention is that it is Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free, and Vegan!!

I do have to say after using this product for over a month, my skin is smoother, my dry patches are much more moist and not as bumpy, and I notice my pores even appear smaller! Not to mention the price! The SkinMD natural shielding lotion comes in a 4oz bottle (both with SPF 15 and without) and is $18.99 plus shipping. However, remember that discount code I gave you at the begining of the post!

Also, if you order 4 or more bottles you get free shipping, and 5 or more bottles you will get one bottle free!

FTC: this product was sent to me for review, but I am not affiliated with SkinMD. I am not getting a portion of the sales from using the discount code, I just want my viewers to get a great deal and all of my opinions are my own!

1 comment:

Gaby ☠ said...

This is my absolute favorite moisturizer! It's a total skin savior, especially in the winter.


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