Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nails of the Day: Vintage Grey from CQ

Hey Everyone! So posting is a little slow this week, being the first week of classes and all! But I will get back into the swing of things next week, I promise! I have some AMAZING reviews for you all, some really fun tutorials that are centered around Fall trends and SO much more!! :) SO EXCITED!! hehe

Ok, onto the nails! So the greige (grey/beige) trend for nails continues! These colors are more grey than the mushroom-y colors we have seen before, like the Commander in Chic from Sally Hansen. But I really love the lighter color on my complexion!

This color is from CQ, which can be found at Walmart for just under $2.00 per bottle! They have some amazing colors, so I can't wait to try more!

The formula was awesome! No streaking, and only needed 2 light coats! I have been wearing this formula on my nails for a week now and BARELY have any tip wear, and no chipping!

The polish itself dries rather matte, just a tiny hint of light, but not really a shine, which I really like!

So if your in the market for one of these awesome griege colors, check out VINTAGE GREY from CQ!


Curves ahead makeup said...

wow 2 bucks that's a great deal !! thanks girlie

Gaby said...

What a bargain! I love grey nail polish =D

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

loving the grey color!

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Fruity Lashes said...

that grey is so pretty. i should check it out next time i go to walmart.


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