Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: Maybelline Stylish Smokes Quad Series

Hey Everyone! So after my ULTA haul video (click here if you haven't seen it yet!) the other day, I got asked what I thought of the maybelline stylish smokes quads.

Here is my little review on them:

And here are swatches of each of the quads! Enjoy! :)
(***NOTE*** All of the photos of the swatches were taken in the afternoon, outside, with no flash and have NOT been edited at all, so these are the true colors coming out of the quads!!)

Emerald Smokes:

Amethyst Smokes:

Charcoal Smokes:

Natural Smokes:

Here is the entire collection:

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A Brilliant Brunette said...

You know...I haven't touched Maybelline eye shadows since high school when I was clueless about makeup. Now though, I am so very tempted to try some especially when I see such gorgeous swatches and looks like you've shared. Hmmmm...okay. Let me get a job first, then I'll try :D lol

Jela said...

oh my, i just wish that maybelline was selling these quads here in my country! we never get them here, it's so frustrating! amazing colours!


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