Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Mom, you look like a teenager" Daily outfit Post

So, that's what my daughter said to me as we were heading out the door to church this morning! lol I asked her if that was bad, she said that she loved it and it was REALLY good! She also took my photo's for today and my new profile photo above! I tell you, for only being SEVEN YEARS OLD!!! the girl can Rock the camera!!

What I am wearing today:
Grey Shirt: gifted (my mom doesn't like it so she gave it to me)
Tank: Old Navy $1.99
Cardigan Vest: Old Navy $6.99
Leggings: Walmart $6.00
Boots: EBay, $12.20 with shipping
Necklace: Sears $4.99
Fedora Hat: Justice for Girls $14.99
(It's actually Lagan's, but I couldn't find mine this morning! I got one at Rainbow the other day for $4.99!)
Bracelet: Avenue $0.97!!


D said...

looking cute and sassy in that hat

Britt said...

Ok, here's the brutal honesty...I don't like the pose you are doing in the first pic, it looks like you are trying not to pee! HA! However, the 2nd one is totally rockin' :) love u!

The Bargainista said...

I agree about that first picture, but I wanted a pic without the hat on, and this is the only one Lagan took that wasnt blurry! :)

Oh, and if anyone is reading this and thinking Britt is being rude...she is my sister, its totally cool! LOL!!

A Brilliant Brunette said...

OMG I love your blog! It's so adorable and I love the idea :D Following and adding to my Link Love section. ♥

BAM said...

haha, I love the sister comments! Sisters will always tell you when you look goofy! Thats why I love shopping with mine, honesty is key.

Side note: I really like your hair wavy. It's pretty. Are you growing it out too?

The Bargainista said...

thank you girls!! :)

and yes, I am growing my hair out!! :) I cant wait to have it past my shoulders again!!


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