Thursday, October 15, 2009

damn, I hate being sick!!

Hey Everyone, I am so sorry I haven't been posting, I am very sick and trying to battle a sinus infection while my daughter is sick with a virus, and my mom has the flu!! So please pray we all are better soon!!

Also, I would love to ask for prayers for my daughter, not only because she is sick, but when I took her to the doctor the other day, they heard that she has an irregular heartbeat, something called pvc's, so on Tuesday she has to see a cardiologist! As you can tell, I am quite scared!! So if you could keep her in your thoughts, I will love you forever! :)

I am hoping to be back by next week to finish out the stylish smokes collection videos!! :) talk to you all soon,


em said...

hope you're all better soon! xo

Fashion Court said...

feel better & sending good vibes your way!


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