Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jean Dilemma!!!! HELP!!!!

Ok genius fashionistas.....I need your help!
I keep buying new jeans, wear them for about 15 minutes, and they are already stretched out to where I look like the back of my leg gained 20 pounds!!

What is up?

I have tried buying a size smaller, buying a size larger, washing and drying, hanging to dry, dry cleaning, EVERYTHING!!

Is there a type of jean I should be buying to keep this from happening? Should I get no stretch? more stretch? certain brand? certain fit? HELP!!!! :)


Ashley said...

I find that the more spandex (stretch) they have the faster they will stretch out. If you buy a 100% cotton pair of jeans they will stretch out the least but they are also stiffer and maybe aren't as comfy! I find that if it has about 8% or less spandx it does okay?! good luck!

Cassie said...

buy a size smaller --- with the stretch it'll stretch out to your size?? works for me usually! i love the ones that have stretch b/c i can wash and dry them --- otherwise i have to hang them!

Fashion Court said...

the only type of jeans that i don't have that problem with tend to be designer jeans, which even on sale at places at nordstrom rack can set you back at least $100.

i'd recommend the silver's sold at bonton/nordstrom. i think the average price is around $75, but they are AMAZING. they haven't lost their shape (and i never wash my jeans)

BAM said...

That stinks Nikki! Mine usually snap back into place after washing.

I tend to baby my jeans (even though they are cheapies) by washing inside out and hang drying.Maybe you need to wash in hot water and dry in the machine?

Good luck. That is a bummer

Anonymous said...

sorry, i don't have advice. i HATE jean shopping. i did however find some joe's jeans on sale and took the plunge hoping that some on the more expensive side that i am used to will be better. i need to get them tailored first though. all of those top denim brands are like a mile too long.

Short White Coat Notes said...

Try to find jeans with 2% spandex. Hope that helps!


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