Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bargainista on the prowl....

This morning after I dropped Lagan off at school, I decided to do a little bargain hunting. So I first stopped at Walmart...

Now I have been in search of some Cigarette Pants ever since I saw them on Kimberly's blog! Totally stylish, slimming and fun! NO LUCK...have been looking for months... Then today I stumbled on some at Walmart for $9!!!! YAY!!!! (Will have a photo of me wearing mine soon, in the mean time, here is the beautiful Kimberly wearing hers!)

Then I headed to Target across the street and found this beautiful dress on clearance for $6.24 from $24.99!! Score...now most would see this as a spring/summer dress, but I see it with brown footless tights and a brown cardi with some chunky jewelry...TOTALLY fall!!

Lastly was a swing by Goodwill. The HOT trend right now is the boyfriend blazer, like this one from Topshop...well over $80 thank you very much! I don't think so!!
I found a vintage one in the SAME style for $8.99 this morning!
(again, will have a photo of it on me later!)

Oh, and speaking of bargains...how about FREE makeup? Head over to Unnecessary Drama to enter to win Kell's giveaway from ELF!!!


Kimberly said...

$9 is an awesome deal! I have really enjoyed mine as they are pretty different from anything else that I wear!

Melanie said...

I love to shop and find great deals! Too exciting....

A Shopaholic in Chicago said...

Love your posts. Finding clothes that fit right and you get a great deal on them, that to me the best part of shopping.

Can't wait to see a picture of the blazer, I have been looking everywhere for a black BF blazer tha fits right and no luck yet.


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