Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday night Lights

Look at how cute "L" looks today! We were off to Bible study (week 8 of financial peace! WHOO HOO!!) and she wanted in the picture with momma! Isn't she so sassy in her tank and white jeans? I wish they made that tank in my size (and my price range, my mom bought it for her for like $30!!--I think she's insane when it comes to spoiling her grandchild!)

Anyway, here is what I wore today:
(not like you care with such a cutie patootie next to me!)
Black T-shirt: Dots $6.00
Jeans: Lane Bryant $12.99 (PLEASE Lord let me find some new jeans in a size that fits, all of mine are falling off my behind!)
Shoes: Target $6.26
Scarf: EBay (rayspeed12388) $6.25 with shipping

1 comment:

Who are you Weesha? said...

your daughter is adorable- so much cuteness! I really love the tshirt- been looking for something similar for a while now.


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