Monday, July 13, 2009

Craft shopping and Gatti Town

Yes, we did a little bit of craft shopping this evening at Hobby Lobby, my favorite place on earth besides church! lol Also, my mom and her hubby treated me and Miss.L to Gatti Town...L's favorite place on earth! (I think she just might choose it over church! lol)

I also noticed, I have been a little on the black, white, grey side the last three days...this summer heat is getting to my head and I forget to wear color! LOL Oh well...on to the photo!

What I am wearing today:
Black T-shirt: Dots $6.00
Grey Shrug: Ross $3.99 clearance (Jr. section)
Jeans: Old Navy $6.99
Shoes: Burlington $9.99
Necklace: Kohls $1.99


Monica the Bride said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I love yours- love it! I also love you're from Austin! I went to college there, and I will be visiting in August to go to Ikea. :o)

I've added you to my Google reader, and I look forward to seeing/reading more about your fashion finds!


BAM said...

I love your hair in this photo, did you use the bumpit again?

The Bargainista said...

yes! I used a regular size bumpit in the back...I am so in love with them!! lol

Britt said...

I love your hair in this pic too. It looks FAB :)


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