Thursday, June 4, 2009

Maxi dresses rock!

Gosh, I LOVE having the end of the week off! Its nice to shop with out a ton of people around! lol
AND......I FINALLY got a maxi dress! I love these knit dresses because they are WAY more comfortable than jeans and a t-shirt, take less thought, and they look more pulled together! They are like fashion all stars!

So here is what I wore today to go shopping with mom and my daughter!
Maxi Dress: Ross $12.99
Cardigan: Old Navy $9.99 clearance
Flip Flops: Old 10 years ago! Have no idea how much they were :)
Necklace: Target $1 bin
Belt: Target $3.74 clearance
Ring: Charming Charlies $4.95
Bracelet 1: Claires $1 clearance
Bracelet 2: Claires $1 clearance
Giraffe Bag: Charming Charlies $29.99 (this is my moms, so I was just borrowing it for the day! lol)

**Side note, I got my NYX hauls taped today, so I should have them up this weekend!!


Who are you Weesha? said...

So pretty!! love the dress, looking fwd to the NYX haul post, they're having a major sale & I wanna know if there's anything worth getting :)

Deborah-lee said...

You really look great in yellow. The whole outfit is terrific!

Ida said...

Lovely pic. You are looking cool in this maxi dress!!


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