Saturday, January 17, 2009

Makin' Sushi!

Hey Everyone! Wow, I have totally neglected the blog and my style this week. It was a lazy week in my pj's all day! But I have so much going on this weekend that I actually got dressed! :)

This was me last night actually. Today, the 17Th, is my Brother-in-law's birthday, but last night we surprised him and my sister by throwing a sushi party! Joey, LOVES sushi, so he was very excited. I rolled sushi for everyone and we eat until we busted! It was FAB-O!! There are photos on my facebook if you want to see the sushi!

Anyway, my outfit needed to be comfy to be rolling all night, so I did just that!

Brown shirt: Ross $6.99
Jeans: Lane Bryant $20 (I must have about a gazillion of these! lol)
Shoes: Torrid, SUPER SALE $9.99! (they were $49.99!)
Necklace: Dot's $6.00
Head wrap scarf: Ross $1.99

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HeathahLee said...

I LOVE those shoes!!!


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