Saturday, January 17, 2009

Makin' Chocolate!!!

Today was SO MUCH FUN! My sister and my bestie, Joy, hosted a Pampered Chef Party. The theme was DEATH BY CHOCOLATE! So my mom and I met up at Brittany's house this morning just before 8:00am to start making chocolate goodies! You can see the photos of the party on my Facebook! :)

Ohhh...everything was DIVINE and the party was awesome...I got to order some great kitchen gadgets!

So, again, I was cooking all day and wanted to be comfortable! (**don't forget to look below at my post about last night!!)

Ohh...and I don't know if you can see it or not, but I totally rocked a Lauren Conrad side braid in my hair today!!

White tank (under white t-shirt): Old Navy $3.00
White t-shirt Ross: I don't remember how much this was, but it was cheap! I can tell you that much! lol
Green Cardi: Old Navy $4.99
Jeans: Lane Bryant $20.00
Tweed Shoes: Old Navy $2.00
Necklace: Dot's $6.00


HeathahLee said...

I used to be a PC consultant and had so much fun meeting new people! I think if Kiddo were in regular school instead of being homeschooled I might get back into it again. I never did a Death by Chocolate theme, though. I looked at your FB pictures; all that chocolate was enough to give me a sugar rush! : )

Love the outfit!

Lana said...

I love the green sweater! Too cute! I just love this blog. I always like to see what others wear and the bargains they get! :)


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