Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So this post has nothing to do with beauty....except for the fact that I am rocking the slicked back ponytail and no makeup. Why you ask? Well...that's because its 107 degrees here in Austin and my AC in my car went out yesterday! What the frig? I can't stand driving with no AC when its that hot! Did I mention that my car is black and has all black leather seats? LOL Anyway, I just thought I would get this off my chest since I needed to rant a little bit! Thanks for letting me share! LOL!! I hope everyone else is staying cool and safe and that you aren't having to deal with this crappy weather! :(

P.S. Hey Texas? Satan called...he wants his weather back!


Liesl said...

I just talked to my fiancé who is in Austin for grad school and he told me the exact same hot! I must prepare myself since I believe we will be living in TX next year for his will be like I'm living in the Middle East again! :) Stay cool!

Liesl :)

Kate H.( said...

I love the last quote. It's so true. We're dying in Tx, huh?! HOpe you get your air fixed soon. It's hot enough with black seats, & leather with the air.


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