Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daily Outfit Posts

Hey Everyone!!

So I am REALLY going to try to get back into my daily outfit posts! I know you all love them so much, I really want to get it up and running! I have class EARLY in the 7:40 I might take them when I get home around I need to figure out my lighting! Since I am in my new place, I need to try out some different backgrounds so I will get that worked out this weekend and then get the pics going! ALSO....I got all my new stuff for my room EXCEPT my bedding, so I will get that ordered ASAP so I can show off the room for you all! I need to unpack my makeup stuff cause right now its in a HUGE box! LOL!!! Like the biggest box I brought with me, so sad.... lol YAY for getting my junk together this year! LOL Talk to you all soon,


Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

Well I hope so because I sure do Miss your OOTD =[

Fruity Lashes said...

oh i'm so looking forward to your daily outfits. this should be fun!


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