Monday, January 31, 2011

30 for 30 remix: The Items

I am so excited to start my 30 for 30 remix tomorrow, so I thought I would show you all my items that I will be remixing. I didn't really have a plan going into this, I just sort of chose some items that are new, some that are older, and some I never we shall see just how well this remix works!! :)

First, here is what I chose, I will tell you where I bought each item and how much it cost me...


1.) Green top, thrifted, $2.00
2.) Cream top with ribbon details, Target, $4.27
3.) Navy top, thrifted, $6.99
4.) Striped top, thrifted, $2.00


5.) black scoop neck, thrifted, $0.20 (no, that is NOT a typo!!)
6.) white v-neck, target, $3.24
7.) black long sleeve scoop neck, thrifted, $1.50


8.) Marigold tank, goodwill, $3.99
9.) brown tank, Old Navy, $5.47
10.) purple ruffle tank, Old Navy, $3.99


11.) brown cardi, Target, $??? no clue, I have had it for years!
12.) chambray shirt, Old Navy, $7.62
13.) ruffle cardi, old navy, $6.47

14.) black cardi, New York & Co., $?? Had it since middle school! lol
15.) Grey overshirt, Walmart, $7.00

16.) Flyaway, Forever 21, $10.99


17.) burnt orange dress, thrifted, $5.00
18.) blue dress, Target, $3.99


19.) brown skirt, Old Navy, $2.99
20.) tan skirt, thrifted, $1.99


21.) Brown corduroy pants, Old Navy, $0.97!
22.) Black Leggings, Walmart, $5.00
23.) Skinny Jeans, Old Navy black friday sale, $15.00


24.) Brown cowboy boots, Torrid, $62.00
25.) Grey boots, Target, $29.99
26.) Black boots, eBay, $12.20 with shipping


27.) black studded shoes, Walmart, $5.00
28.) brown studded shoes, Walmart, $5.00

29.) Coral shoes, Old Navy, $4.00

30.) brown suede wedges, Target, $3.74

So there you go, that's my line up! I cant wait to start remixing!!!


Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

What a great Idea really i should totally try this too ! I hope you post your outfit =] Would love to see what you do

Doris said...

Nikki, girl! WOW!!! You are inspiring me...I totally need to get out to the thrift stores this weekend and find some cute bargains! Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve with this. I'm following. Love ya! (Doris LAC)

ndoodles said...

Wow - those items are so inexpensive!! I'm so impressed w/ you and your ability to save :)

Ashley J said...

I am doing the 30 for 30 challenge too and just found your sweet blog! Good LUCK!

Meg said...

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing what you mix up! :)

Marie-Eve said...

Love all the colors in your picks. This challenge is awesome, I started too !


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