Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Outfit of the Day: August 17

WOW! I haven't done an outfit of the day in so long, I almost forgot how to stand in front of the camera! LOL!! :)

Here is what I wore to run errands with my mom and daughter today:
Grey shirt: Old Navy Outlet, $5.00
Skinny Jeans: Old Navy, $15.00 Black Friday Sale
Sandals: Forever 21, $7.80
Necklace: Kohl's, $2.00 clearance

I just pulled my hair back on both sides with bobby pins and for my makeup, I was doing a test run for a Bridal look for my youtube channel! Let me know what you think of it! :)


Curves ahead makeup said...

awesome look
by the way your blog setting is amazing how did you do that !!

Jela said...

i love the top! very pretty


YJ said...

What a cute outfit! I love comfy flowy tops like that.

Thanks for stopping by, and for the sweet comment! Where are you from? Yeah, it's amazing to see how many things are right in your own back yard! You should post some pictures of your hometown excursion =)

The Beauty Bargainista said...

Thanks so much for your comments so far! :)

@Curves ahead makeup, I am a graphic designer by trade, so I designed it all myself and just tweaked the HTML :)

@YJ Im from Austin,Texas! :)


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