Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok, so I figured I kept you in suspence long enough! lol I finally took photos of my hair!

First is before, when I had only colored and highlighted it....

BUT....I got it cut on Monday, so here is the after now that it's cut! :)

And...this is so much fun! My daughter wanted her hair cut SO badly, she has been waiting to do it all summer, and I promised she could do it before she went back to school. Well, she went to the salon with me and got her hair cut too! Look how AWESOME and GROWN UP she looks!! :)

Miss L's before:

and her after:

she has a little A-Line Bob now! :) LOVE IT!!! :)

here are some fun pics of her getting it done!

So, let me know what you think of our hair in the comments below! :)
Love you all,


Deborah-lee said...

Something is in there air. I know so many people having a change of hair at the moment (I had a few inches cut off mine and a bit of a colour deepening as well!!)

I love all those layers of colour in your hair. The cut is amazing as well. Nothing brash or brassy about it at all!

As for L's haircut .. omg what a cutie. That hair style is so fresh. I know loads of people have really long hair for their kids. I remember having to beg my mother to get my waist length hair cut, but I think something closer to shoulder length is always so different and cute on little girls (my opinion only of course!!)

Melanie said...

Too cute! Love the new doo's.

Lesa said...

Two beautiful ladies!

Who are you Weesha? said...

LOVE the new hairdos, you & your daughter look beautiful :)


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