Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Inspiration

Sunday's look was really easy to put together. I love the combo of grey and purple, and I had just found this grey cardi at Goodwill last week, throw on a purple top, and your set to go! :)

What I am wearing:
Grey Cardi: Goodwill $4.99
Purple Top: Ross $6.99
Jeans: Walmart $12.99 (these are new and a little to large, so I think I'm going to exchange them for the next size down!!)
Necklace: I actually got this for my mom for Mothers day at Kohls. I think it was around $5.00!! It is beautiful, looks like an antique broach :)
Shoes: Goodwill $6.99

1 comment:

ebony said...

I am infatuated with Goodwill. No matter what part of the city I am in if I pass a Goodwill, I must stop in:)
People look down on Goodwill but if only they knew about the bargains that you find there. I walk in with twenty dollars and leave with a bag full of clothes. I love it.
Great outfit.


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