Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jesus bring the rain...

That's what everyone in the south is thinking right now! Bring on the rain!! Well, we got a little yesterday.....JUST IN TIME FOR MY PICTURE! lol So I borrowed Lagan's umbrella because I knew I wouldn't get any weird color casts on my face! LOL

What I wore today:
Mini dress/tunic thing: Goodwill $3.99 (its from Old Navy originally)
brown tank: Old Navy $3.00
Jeans rolled to be capris: Old Navy $6.99
Shoes: Old Navy $2.99
(wow, I just noticed I was wearing clothes from Old Navy from head to toe! lol)
Necklace: No idea, but isn't it pretty? lol
Bracelets: Borrowed from my daughter, she got them at Kohls

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