Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to Fix a Broken Blush or Eyeshadow!

I was so sad on Tuesday when I went to go fix my makeup for the day and I dropped my new blush from ELF! It only broke a little, so I was ok, but then when I moved the pan upside down (STUPID MOVE!!) the entire blush fell out and crumbled all over my counter!

Since I didn't want to order a new one and I really love this blush, I decided to rescue it! This is a great way to save your eye shadows and/or blushes when they are cracked or have completely shattered!
Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Fold a clean sheet of paper in half then dump out all of the product on to the paper. Then, crush it up even more so that there are no large chunks. (I used the flat end of a chopstick!)

Step 2: Use the paper to help you guide the product back into the pan or container.

Step 3: Next, you will need some rubbing alcohol (do not try with peroxide, it will not work, only alcohol will work!) Put a few drops into a syringe or a dropper and add a couple of drops at a time to the product.

Step 4: With a sanitized end of your chopstick (or whatever you are using) blend the powder with the alcohol to make a paste.

Step 5: Use some plastic wrap to help you gently move the product back into place in the pan.

Now your product should look something like this:

Step 6: Clean off your edges really well and allow product to sit out for 24 hours BEFORE USE! This allows the alcohol to evaporate out and for the powder to become stiff and ready to use!


Amber said...

This is such a great little hint! I'd never heard about this trick before.

Milly said...

never heard of this...thanks

Abi said...

Clever trick! We don't have rubbing alcohol in the UK but I'm fairly sure surgical spirit is the same thing so I'm going to have a go using that. If it doesn't work, no harm done.


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