Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shopping Spree, Weekend, and Monday

Hey Everyone! So sorry I have been a little absent! But I am back with an update of my clothes from this past weekend and the beginning of the week.

Oh...P.S. TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! What, what?! I'm so excited to be turning 25, I know I'm a baby! But I LOVE birthday's! So I will have to put together something really cute to wear!

But as for the re-cap on the weekend. As some of you know, I won a shopping spree at charming charlie, so Saturday night, my girlfriends and I went and shopped out little hearts out! They even closed down the store for us and had champagne. It was out of this world!! I will have to take some photos of all the awesomeness that I walked out of there with!!

What I wore:
(sorry I don't have a full photo for this day. I just wasn't thinking!)
Hounds tooth Jumper: Walmart, clearance $5!!!! (its in the juniors section if you want one!)
Black cami: Thrifted, $4.99
Jeans: Old Navy, $6.99
Black Pumps: Target $5.74
Necklace: Kohls, $2.60
Ribbon Rose: JoAnns $2.79 w/coupon

Sunday I went to church as usual, but it got really cold here on Sunday, so I rocked my new sweater!

What I wore:
brown undershirt: Ross, $5.00
Sweater: Kohls, $6.90 (was $69!! so 90% off!!)
Jeans: Lane Braynt, $10.00
Brown Shoes: Target, $3.74

Ok, so I took this photo with my UBER crappy camera!! And the wind was NOT helping my hair, but you can see my new color! Its actually a little lighter now because I highlighted it, but the under part is still dark brown! I LOVE IT!!

What I wore:
White Shirt: Old Navy $6.49
Black Sweater Vest: Thrifted, $4.99
Black Pants: Gifted from my sis! Thanks Britt!!
Black Shoes: Gifted from my sis!
Ring: Charming Charlie (from my shopping spree!) $4.95 plus 20% off plus the discount they gave me for having people come...well, it was practically free!!
Necklace: $12.95 charming charlie, plus everything from above, it came out to about $6.00! NOT BAD! :)

so that's all I have from now, but I will be back with my Birthday Look Tomorrow! :) See you real soon!

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