Friday, April 17, 2009


Wow, don't you just LOVE spring cleaning? You get to clean out all the stuff you don't need anymore so you can get new stuff! So I am offering you the opportunity to buy some of my goods so I can go to Goodwill and get more! LOL!!

If you see an item that you are interested in, just email me at CAIDENCEFAIRE@YAHOO.COM so I can get an invoice together for you. All payments will be done through paypal and shipping is $5.00 for each item. (If you want more than 2 pairs of shoes or 3 or more other items, then shipping will be $10.00 for anything that can fit in a flat rate box)

So, lets shop shall we?!


Black bag from Old Navy $6.00

Louis Vuitton Vintage $60.00

Gold Chain Bag $6.00

Bible Cover Bag with cross $10.00


Black and white shirt (Layne Bryant) size 22/24 (runs small) $6.00

Red Hoodie (Liz Lange) size XXL $7.00

Cranberry Hoodie (Lane Bryant) size 16/18 $8.00

Jeans (NWT Lane Bryant) size 18, $15.00

BOOKS: (all books $3.00 EACH)

The Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer

The Other Woman by Jane Green

Swapping Lives by Jane Green

Name Dropping by Jane Heller

The Devil wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Memoires of a Geisha by Arther Golden

A total waste of makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder


Jewelry Forms: Great for designers! Necklace and Earrings for $10.00

Louis Vuitton (copy) sunglasses $3.00

Greeting Cards designed by Creative Cards by Adrianne (assortment of cards, 8 cards, 8 envelopes)

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