Tuesday, March 24, 2009

White after Labor Day...and a SHOPPING SPREE!!

So, I know I'm not wearing white shoes, just a white top. But there is always people that say NO white after Labor Day.........which made me think! (Oh no, there she goes with that thinking thing again!) Isn't EVERY day after Labor Day? I mean, you have Labor day, then all the days after it until it's Labor day again....so does that mean we are only allowed to wear white ON Labor day?

This is why I was never a "rules" girl, especially when it comes to fashion! hehe

Anyway, nothing too special...just going to work :)

What I am wearing:
White Henley: Ross, $4.00
Black Tank: Old Navy, $3.00
Capri's: Gifted
Shoes: Gifted
Necklaces: I made them! :)
Ribbon Rose: JoAnns $2.79 w/coupon
Watch: Charming Charlie $19.95

OHHHH.....and get this! So I got a call the day before yesterday that I won a girls night out shopping spree at Charming Charlie! So if you live in Austin, come out to the Charming Charlie in South Austin (sunset valley shopping center) at 7:00pm on Saturday the 28th and get 20% off your entire purchase as my special guest!!
Just tell them you are there for Nikki's girls night out! :)
Super Cool huh?


Brandi said...

You look adorable! Are you still losing weight because you look great. Not that you don't normally look great, but you know what I mean... :)

Can you wear white with your black to work? I love the hair piece. Cute! Wish I were closer or I would come shop with you!!

Blissful Nikki said...

Hey Brandi!

I am still trying to loose weight, I need to get better about it! :)

And yes, we can wear white shirts or dresses so thats a good thing. I just dont like the way I look in white so I avoid it alot! lol


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