Thursday, February 26, 2009

{Workin' Girl}

So I haven't shown any of my work outfits yet, because I keep forgetting to take pics!! But I am really trying to remember so I can show you my awesome black and white! LOL!!!

Here is what I wore today:
White shirt: Old Navy $1.99
Cardi with button detail: NY&co. $?? (bought this in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!) button detail was my doing though. Cost me $2.00 to add the buttons.
Pants: Lane Bryant $49.50 (these are actually my mom's, I snagged them from her closet! lol)
Shoes: passed down from my sis
Green Necklace: Dots $2.00
Watch: Charming Charlies $19.95

Ok, so I know you have never seen me wear a watch, and until last week, I had no need for one. But since we can not have our cell phones with us at work, if I am not on a register, I have no idea what time it is. So I went to Charming Charlies, which is right next to my work today and bought me this spiffy watch....pretty cool huh? And what a deal for under $20! ALSO, if you go into one of their stores, make sure you sign up for their rewards card, you get 10% off your purchase that day and 5% off every one after that!

Here is a close up of the watch:

And here is a close up of my green eyes today....had to color coordinate the necklace! :)


Low Cost High Style said...

I luv how you added buttons to the cardigan to make it more fun....such a great idea!! You should totally do some DIY posts :) ~Kendra~

VP said...

Nothing over $20? I could learn a thing or two from you! :)

Lululux Kids Boutique - unique fashions for unqiue kids said...

Oh your posts are so totally inspiring to get me out of my "SAHM" uniform..ha ha Love all the outfits!!

debbi said...

love the watch. i can't get enough of charming that place

Britt said...

those pants are way too big for you girl!


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