Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And the Oscar Goes to.....

So everyone has been chatting up the Oscars! The best and worst dressed, who won, the sweep of slum dog...its all been told! So I wanted to focus on something I know well...MAKE UP!! I loved some of the looks that the stars were rocking this year, so I decided to share with you my top 5!

#5 Amy Adams

I think Amy's look was really pretty. She sported the berry lip which was a huge trend this year. Her heavy eyes were a little competition with the huge necklace she was wearing, but I think she pulled it off beautifully!

#4 Kate Winslet

Kate always looks stunning. She has come a long way since Titanic and this look was nothing short of brilliant. The super sophisticated hair allowed her to show off her lovely facial features. An A+ from me!

#3 Vanessa Hudgens

For only being 21, Vanessa sure knows what does and doesn't look good on her. She looks far away from a "High School" look here. The golden cheek is really accented with her tendril of hair curling down her jaw line. Way to go girl!

#2 Penelope Cruz

Penelope has a way of capturing the camera like no one else. I am not a huge fan of her acting, but I am a huge fan of her style. Her make up reminded me of Audry Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The bouffant hair and accented eye with a nude lip really looks fabulous on her!

And my NUMBER ONE pick...
#1 Anne Hathaway

Has this girl come a long way since Princess Diaries or what?! I think she was the belle of the ball at the Oscars. She might not have won best actress, but she sure did shine! The berry lip with the winged eye is just so classic! I just love her in every way!!

So what did you think? Any one that stand out to you at the awards? Anyone that had a look you wanted to try, but not sure how? Let me know!!


HeathahLee said...

From the pictures I've seen I'm just glad they all had their cothes on and decent! : )

And I love Anne Hathaway, too! (except for the fact she was in that Mountain movie. Blech. Double Blech.)

Blissful Nikki said...

I could not agree more! That is the only movie she has ever been in that I havent seen! I dont think I ever will!! :)


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